May 8th, 2020

Thatch the Moon - Part 5!

Here's the final installment of our Reeve & McIntyre story, Thatch the Moon!

We hope you enjoyed it! It's all here on the blog and on YouTube if you want to go back and have another listen. Huge thanks to Amy Sutton for the marvelous work she did reading it! If you're looking for a professional actor to do audio book work, she's very good.

Check out this wonderful drawing by Morgan Gleave!

#DrawingWithSarah: Design a Narwhal Space Cafe menu!

While I've been in lockdown, I've had a lot of fun playing around with animations of my characters from the new Don't Call Me Grumpycorn book. In the book itself, there are some peeks into the interior of Unicorn's spaceship, like this one:

But a lot of the emphasis is on the planets they visit (or don't visit, because Unicorn is very single-minded in finding his own ideal planet).

For the book's launch party, I thought it would be fun to set it in a space with a bit more room, a Unicorn Space Station, and then I amused myself by imagining all the different roles they could have on board.

Narwhal ended up as the chef, and I had fun designing his restaurant area, possibly because I really miss going to cafes! And a Narwhal Space Cafe is possibly the most fabulous cafe I could ever imagine.

Being in lockdown is a little bit like being in a spaceship; you're in a very confined area, with hostile conditions outside. But whereas people don't like lockdown, a lot of people would very, very much like to be astronauts! So it can be quite fun to see how far we can go in these limited spaces we have, and treat home like a spaceship. Let's start by creating a Narwhal Cafe on board! Or maybe you'll use the idea to spark off something a little different, perhaps a Unicorn Cafe or a Mermaid Cafe. (And Jellyfish would LOVE a Jellyfish Cafe where everything served is made out of jelly).

Drawing a menu is fun in itself, but you might want to set up a cafe and serve real food that you can make! Or you can draw two-dimensional food and prop it up in a photo to make it look real on the table. Or you could sculpt food out of play-dough or clay, take orders and serve it up! I'd love to see your pictures - do share them on the #DrawingWithSarah and #Grumpycorn hashtags!

Here's a little cafe that Studio Baby and I set up yesterday:

If you love the Grumpycorn books, be sure to check out their pages on my website: here's the new Don't Call Me Grumpycorn page.