May 15th, 2020

#DrawingWithSarah: Draw Jellyfish with her Ukulele!

Today's #DrawingWithSarah video features Jellyfish, who I think has become my favourite character in Don't Call Me Grumpycorn. Jellyfish comes across as quite silly, but she's the one who understands that home isn't where everyone is the same as you, it's where you can be with the people who love you.

Jellyfish's stripes fade on his legs when he's doing animation work... it's just a little quirk of pigmentation. I had a lot of fun making this animation, deepest apologies to David Bowie.

You can read a review of Don't Call Me Grumpycorn over on Page 45's website, and I have lots more activities on the book's web page.

You can also watch Taron Egerton (the star of Rocketman, who plays Elton John) reading the first Grumpycorn book over on Save the Children UK's Instagram page, where they're raising money for children most impacted by the Covid pandemic.