May 28th, 2020

Don't Call Me Grumpycorn: Fab Planet Competition Prizes!

For the launch of my Grumpycorn-sequel picture book Don't Call Me Grumpycorn, Scholastic UK and I set up a competition to see who could design the most Fablous Planet. The prize was a portrait with Grumpycorn in space, and Alec Anderson won the top prize! Here is is on Spaghetti Moon (which orbits around the planet he created), with his little sister and her favourite Piggy toy (by request). You can see Alec's entry here, plus a gallery of all the other great drawings.

But the quality of entries was so high that I made an exception, only for this competition, and said I'd make portraits for everyone who took part. That kept me busy for awhile!

But it seems to have been worth it; the pictures have been arriving and I've been getting lovely messages from the pleased recipient. Here's Callie's - I customised hers a bit more because she wrote and illustrated a WHOLE AMAZING BOOK after watching my Grumpycorn video: you can see the pages of her book Icecreamcorn here.

It really is great to see all these young artists I've been drawing!

If you missed the competition, there's still a Grumpycorn video about drawing a Fabulous Planet here, which could be simply done for fun, or used as a school project a teacher's looking for material.

Thanks again to everyone who took part and put so much work into their entries! And thanks to Scholastic for their support, and Page 45 bookshop for hosting book sales! If you want to find more free Grumpycorn or Don't Call Me Grumpycorn activities, check out my web pages here.