Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

the garen awards!

Today we announce the recipient of the Order of the Exalted Moustache! After serious deliberation of services rendered to the pursuit of moustachioed marvellousness, Her Majesty is delighted to bestow this great honour on...

Sean Kleefeld!
One was most adamant that this entry far outweighed the others, although the royal sceptre hovered briefly over those by Faye Yong, Alex Milway and David O'Connell.

Congratulations, Mr Kleefeld! You may now proudly display the medallion, specially crafted by Member of the Worshipful Order of Facial Hair Garen Ewing. Who undoubtedly now will adopt one of the excellent suggestions to his own person. Surely we will all award such a noble gesture by going out and buying lots and lots of copies of his upcoming remarkable adventure story, The Rainbow Orchid. ...Jolly good show, everyone!
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