Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

my llama cushion arrived!

One of the annoying things about illustrating picture books is that they TAKE SO DARN LONG to come out! I started the first one mid-2007 and it's coming out this October; I finished the second one in February and it doesn't come out til March next year. And I'm not even allowed to talk about most of them. So it looks like I'm not doing anything, even though I'm working like crazy.

But at least other people are doing great things they can show off, so I will show off them, yes. This is a pillow by the amazing Meg Hunt! (That's exitwounds and meghunt on Twitter. She only stops Twittering when she's sleeping, and she doesn't get much sleep these days.) Isn't this the best pattern you have ever seen?! I already had a cushion, but I wanted a bigger one, so here they are! It came with some cute little pocket jotter pads, which I will use straight away.


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