Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

old catalogue drawing

For today's morning sketch, I drew from a '60s catalogue page. Here's the original ink image, and then I played around with it on Photoshop. Not sure which one I like best, though.

Have you seen Darryl Cunningham's latest posted comic, Dementia Ward? It's a fascinating insight into Alzheimer's disease and those it affects, from his experiences working at a hospital. (He's tallguywrites.) It's a great read, go have a look!
Edit: Darryl's posting a strip a day from this series for five days, here's the second.

And I just read a lovely little book which is so clean and simple that it looks like a comic you'd buy at an alternative press fair. But it's actually republished from the Dutch this year in the UK by Winged Chariot Press: Sweets by Sylvia van Ommen. You can see different covers for it in different countries here. (The American version is called Jellybeans and the cover isn't quite so simple. Which is typical, American covers usually look fussier.) Lovely simple line art; a cat and a rabbit go on a picnic and ponder on heaven, how they'll find each other at the entrance, and whether there will be sweets there.

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