Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

oi, keep your mitts off my sister's painting

Thanks, americanbeetles and mr_sadhead, for letting me know about the article on Seattle's Stranger blog about the guy in a band who tried to 'liberate' Mary McIntyre's painting from the Blue Moon. What a jerk, but the comments rolling in are making me laugh.

C'mon guys, she has a hard enough time keeping her relatives from relieving her of all her paintings. While I was back in Seattle, I tried to work out with her a way to make a new website on Wordpress. We've only just started, but it's not looking too bad here. Buy a painting quick before her family nab them all!
Three artists she's been studying a lot lately are Jenny Saville, Ann Gale and Lucian Freud.

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