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seldovia russian church, and 4th of july parade

This Russian Orthodox church sits up on the hill in the middle of town and is surrounded by trees and salmonberry bushes. I drew it with ink and then shaded it with the remains of the grey pen I liberated from Will Kirkby (chamonkee). The name 'Seldovia' comes from the Russian word for herring, and fishing is still the town's main industry.

Seldovia goes all out on Independence Day. We started the day with the firemen making pancakes for the whole town in their fire engine garage, then a parade, then lots of games and booths and things. I went around a took photos, mostly of the parade, lots of interesting faces.

I think the guy in the pink shirt is one of the town's former mayors. He makes good pancakes.

Stuart impressed everyone with the flawless dart throwing skills from his misspent youth.

This family of sea otters won the parade's costume prize.

The news about Sarah Palin resigning came the same day as the parade, so everyone was talking about it and wondering why she'd done it. Here are the town's papers, just before they're put into the mail slots at the grocery store.

Here's the winner of the Greased Pole Climbing competition. And people put money on about six hundred rubber duckies, which were dumped in the slough. The first three rubber duckies to pass under the bridge won big prizes, and the one furthest back, that got stuck in the logs, also won a prize. Then two guys came and collected them all in their boat for next year's competition.
...Oh, and happy Bastille Day today!
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