Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
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Hey, guess what, I got to meet Lucy Knisley! (That's lucylou.) I'd always wanted to meet her and I've been reading her online comics for a few years now, but Chicago is a long way away, and then suddenly, there she was in London! I was already going for dinner with some comics creators who live locally, so she and John came along. Yay!

Here's a photo of Akanksha and James Turner eruditebaboon) with his remarkable 'tache.

Peter Stanbury and me, playing with the candles.

Lucy with her ISBN tatoo and John:

Alex Milway and Katie Milway:

Rian Hughes and Gary Northfield:

Peter Stanbury and Paul Gravett

Viviane Schwarz and me

Somewhere in the back there, a very blurry John Aggs

We got to see the amazing comics travel diary Lucy is keeping on her trip, and I got inspired to make a comic this evening. (Not that it is at all autobiographical, oh no.) We get the most amazing African outfits on Sunday mornings in our neighbourhood, bright colours an huge head wraps everywhere. It's not a particularly famous London tourist sight, but Sunday mornings in Peckham really should be.
Tags: lucy_knisley, webcomic

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