Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

festivities and mr lawrence

Last night Stuart and I celebrated our tenth anniversary and went for dinner then for a walk to visit Mr Lawrence, who runs the best-stocked wine bar and shop south of the river. Two of our best friends named their kid Laurence, after the place, although the mother denies this.

Along the way we saw a the cutest-ever car, this little Austin (in front of the Rivoli Ballroom, where Stuart and I have jive danced very inexpertly):

Made even cuter by the fact we don't have to have a car ourselves. That's one of my qualifications for the Good Life, that I don't have to own any sort of motor vehicle. When I lived in the Seattle area, we practically lived in our car, either sitting in traffic jams or driving round and round trying to find a parking space. Hopefully never again! But if I were to own one, I would probably want a Nissan Figaro, which is a totally girly choice and any car expert would scoff.

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