Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy birthday to me

This morning my studio mates took me out for brunch at Peckham's Petitou cafe. Then I crossed the street and had a quick browse in the independent Review bookshop and treated myself to two yummy volumes:

The Faber & Faber book has lots of gorgeous book covers I want to study (Guardian review here):

Matthew Rice has written and drawn a usually-informative but occasionally very cheeky book about architectural terms, something I always mean to know more about, since I've forgotten them all since college. (The Independent's review here.)

On that last image, he hasn't put all that many tags, but he has labelled the poodle, and written: There are very few details to describe here - but after all, that's what Modernism is all about: clean lines and proportion. Yeah, tell that to a builder. But a nice drawing, all the same.

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