Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

thumb wars!

Oof, a bit of a slow start this morning. Let's see, a diary event: make a note of the evening of Monday, 21 Sept: that's the next meeting of Laydeez Do Comics (open to blokes as well). The speaker will be Rosalind B Penfold, creator of Dragonslippers, and the book to read is Eddie Campbell's The Fate of the Artist. (Which I haven't read; do any of you people recommend it?)

That event's in London's east end and, speaking of that area, I just got a postcard from my favourite art supply shop, Atlantis, that they've just moved up Brick Lane to an even larger building, on Hanbury Street.
I liked their old place next to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry; I used to snoop around that building watching them making the enormous bells. (Americans, it's where the Liberty Bell was cast, and it cracked, but I hear they're still a pretty good foundry as bell foundries go.) So I'll have to make a special trip now to peek in.

Viviane gave me these amazing thumb wrestling hoods, so I had Gary and her try them out.
And guys, the battle was fierce, let me tell you.

Tags: studio

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