Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

lumpy and jamie smart

Today's very sloppy morning sketch features Lumpy the dinosaur, carefully crafted by Gary Northfield and lurking on one of the studio bookshelves. Lumpy is very famous, he starred in a film at the National Theatre for about four seconds and got a great laugh. He also has a nasty smoking habit.

Got to see some grand folk last night after Jamie Smart's book signing at Forbidden Planet (including Steve Marchant, above, looking his most winsome.)

Here are Mark Stafford and Paul Gravett, and Jamie in his new Chaffy scarf. I bought a copy of Jamie's Ubu-Bubu book and I'm about halfway through, but I can say that not only are his characters full of kawaii cuteness, but he has pushed the concept of 'not suitable for young children' to staggering new levels.
Tags: gravett, northfield, smart

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