Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

doodly doos

Yesterday my little neighbour friend came home after being away for the summer, and we hung out at the studio playing thumb wars, looking at my animal reference books and drawing odd hybrids from them. And giraffes and bats and a mouse in wrestling masks.

I'm going to try to go along to the ICA on Friday the 11th to see what their Little Pencil events are all about. (I'm doing one on Nov 6th, as part of the Comica festival.) It's an event aimed mainly at kids, where they'll watch some Norman McLaren short animations, then spend time drawing to music along with illustrator (and recent Brighton graduate) Rob Matthews. (It's 4:40-6pm and you can book tickets here.)

Hmm, I'm already trying to think of a good playlist for when it's my turn. Any suggestions? Child-friendly music that's fun to draw to and gives you ideas, maybe something a little bit out of the ordinary...


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