Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

knitting group sketches

Last night I went over to ellenlindner's house for a crafts evening, where everyone was knitting and crocheting. I vaguely want to learn to crochet at some point, so I can make little animals, but I've decided that knitting's just one of those things, like owning a television or a garden allotment, where it sounds great, but I'd have to give it so much time I don't have, that I've just made a conscious decision not to do it. So I sketched all the knitters instead, although my sketches got scrubbier and scrubbier as the fine refreshments kicked in.

Viviane Schwarz was working on her amazing bestial bedspread. It's like one of those tiger rugs people used to have back in the days when shooting rare animals was fashionable, except that it's made of granny squares.
Tags: studio

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