Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

odd postcards from alaska

I've been meaning to post these on my blog since I got back from my trip to Alaska this summer. They're a bunch of old postcards I found in a box (which had that distinctive American basement smell) at a sale in front of the Seldovia library during the Independence Day celebrations. Thought you'd like to have a peek at them.

This one's pretty nuts. I mean, who wants to send a jolly postcard of an assassination scene. Wow.

Luring military men to Alaska with hopes of meeting hot Inuit chicks.
(...I had to look up pulchritude: physical beauty; comeliness. I bet they use that word a lot in the armed services.)

This photo's actually pretty amazing:

(I just thought this stamp logo looked pretty, that's all.)
Tags: alaska

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