Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

back to basics

I lost my charger cord at BICS, so I went into the local phone shop to see if I could buy a new cable. The guys took one look at my phone and started laughing and were totally unhelpful. Sod them, I am going back to cups and string. Here is Gary and me in the studio playing with cups and string.

My new phone number is two soft knocks, three loud knocks and a muffled yelp. Or you can stuff bits of paper under the door with secret messages written in lemon juice. Anyway, Bob Etherington has the same phone and he is a well cool dude. I have seen a lot of illustrators with this phone, it is because we are all so trendy poor.

This weekend, come see my friend Garen Ewing and me talk on a panel about comics at the Cheltenham literary festival! We'll also get to meet John Dunning, who wrote a book called Salem Brownstone that's magnificently illustrated by Nikhil Singh. (Have a look at Nikhil's profile, it's a good laugh.) This Saturday, 4:45pm, I think you can still book tickets here.

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