Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

my very own doll!!

I was so surprised when I came into the studio on Monday to discover Gary's girlfriend, Lauren O'Farrell, had crocheted a portrait of me! Whee!!! She even added my little Morris horns (originally crocheted by cdave). Awesome! Lauren's really big in the world of knitting, she runs a group of something like 6,000 knitters, Stich and Bitch London, and you can see her graffiti knitting website here. (She's deadlyknitshade on Twitter.)

Apparently Lauren based her knitting on a sketch Gary did, but he hasn't brought in his sketchbook yet, so I'll have to post that later. Here's a little drawing I did of the her this morning:

I just had a thought that it might be fun to colour in, so click on it for a more hi-res image if you want to print it out or anything.

Edit: Ooh, Gary's just in, here's his prototype sketch, ha ha!

Alex Milway was wrapping up a gift for someone in old newspaper and spotted Vern and Lettuce peeking out, so he posted a pic on Twitter! (Aww... Thanks, Alex!) I think that particular comic is hanging in the Cartoon Museum, I need to visit and have a look.

My friend and website designer Dan Fone posted his latest entry to this great web community called Tweak Today. Every day, we get a new photographic mission. Yesterday it was: Draw yourself a 'knuckle tattoo' (one letter on each finger). Take a pic of what it says!

And there's some fascinating discussion going on over here, set off by lucylou's comic about comics going digital, and the old guard being rather pessimistic about it. (I've left some thoughts in its comments section.)

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