Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

london climate change march

Over 50,000 of us dressed in blue marched in London on Saturday for The Wave, as politicians gear up for next Monday's climate summit. Stuart was amazed to find himself really enjoying the event and offering to carry my sign. People were all very friendly and the afternoon had a lovely carnival atmosphere, despite the seriousness of the campaign.

Stuart waffled about whether he should go or not, seeing as he sort of is the government on climate change, but I convinced him he should come, since he's not actually in Copenhagen. And it wasn't so much a protest as more of a positive 'don't you let us down, politicians' encouragement sort of thing. (Which will turn into a massive, angry protest if they mess up and spend the whole time bickering over trivial things.)

I wished I'd had more time to think up a really clever slogan for my sign but, well, at least it was homemade.

We even had a chihuahua against climate change, fabulous.

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