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ugly whippet and linky links

Last night I was tired and brain dead, so I did some winding down by drawing an ugly whippet in a dress.

Some links!
I got a wonderful e-mail the other day from Cynthia Shelton, who lives on a boat with her dog and makes comics about it!. Not am I only very envious of her boat and trying to figure out a way to go visit her on the California coast, the comics have a real warmth to them that makes me want to go and trawl through all her archives.

A great Shiny Shelf review of David O'Connell's Tozo comic. And have a look at the daily panels he's posting over at tozocomic!

Russian Christmas postcards from outer space
Lovely Scott Campbell drawings
Nicola Linder has made some fab Very Literal Dresses.
(Thanks for those three, web designer Dan Fone)

Some very dodgy Santa photos

Garen Ewing just posted a link over on the Super Comics Adventure Squad to Patrice Aggs' new comic, Midnite Owl.

Some great things going on with Stitch and Bitch London. Read a hilarious interview with Derek the Sheep here! (And you can win a signed copy of his book!)

Morris the Mankiest Monster reviews!

Comics artist Kate Evans wrote:

Morris the mankiest monster is a huge hit with my son. We went to Morrisons the mankiest supermarket the other day, and he was pretending to buy belly button cordial from the juice section.
... Ha ha!

Morris also had a review by the Madhouse Family here.

The illustrations are brilliant too - brightly coloured and intricate enough for you to notice extra details every time you read it through. As it's relatively short and written in rhyme, young non-readers will soon pick up at least parts of it and join in as you read along. (Read More)

And The Daily Mail wrote here:

Never underestimate the thrill young children get from books full of slime, smells, snot and stomach-churning scabs. Fortunately, this celebration of squalor makes Shrek look positively antiseptic and will provoke squeals of disgusted delight as its bold yellow ogre beams out his joy at life. Lovely pacey rhyme and bright illustrations will make this a favourite for years.

I can't believe I'm posting a cute kitty video, but here you go:

YouTube link
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