Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy birthday, stuart!

We had a nice night out with friends last night at Toads Mouth Too in Brockley. During the day, Paul Carney and I went to Atlantis to get some big sheets of card and other stuff for a mini comic we're collaborating to  make, and I was glad for his help lugging it all back. We pondered over splitting the cost of a Daler Rowney home silk screen kit, but it's a big box to store, so I'd like to compare it with a few other things first (like a Gocco kit). The one we saw only costs £34, but the down side is that you can only paint onto the screen; it doesn't have a light system so you can burn images onto it.

I bought some mount board and a frame and painted it up for an exhibition I'll be participating in with some other people in my class at the Waterloo Gallery. (The private view is Mon, 26 March. More info coming soon!) I got really into painting my frame, but now I think people are going to like it or really, really hate it. It looks like a cross between Laura Ashley and Space Invaders.

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