Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

seattle diary date

Man, I wish I could be in Seattle for this one! But my artwork will be there, along with lots of lovely Seattle comics people such as dlasky, inkboy and mr_sadhead.

We've all picked a different playing card and illustrated it, so you'll be able to buy packs of illustrated cards as well as look at our artwork! (You just can't beat that, now.)

Here's mine, I designed it right after I saw this amazing Chinese film Woodrow recommended, In the Mood for Love, so you might be able to spot the influence.

Runs February 11th through March 7th
Opening: Feb 11 6-10 PM
Vermillion: 1508 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122

(I'm keeping on ongoing list and archive of my events here.)

Hey, Ian Gouldstone, one of our fab upstairs animators The Alaskan Military School, has an interview here. He's in Australia right now and we are all missing him, boo hoo.
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