Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

family christmas in namur

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm still catching up with the Christmas posts. Stuart and I went to our friend Manoelle's mum's house up on the hill in Namur (south of Brussels). We'd spent Christmas there once before, which was the first time they'd ever had any non-family guests at Christmas, so on both visits we felt very honoured to be there. That's Mano's mum (Bonne-Mamy to the grandchildren) in the middle.

I could understand a good bit of the French, but couldn't remember words to say much, so I was a bit of a conversational bore at the table, while happily tucking into my salmon mousse. (New year's resolution: practice French!) But a couple of the granddaughters were drawing after dinner, so I joined in, and ending up sketching the whole family:

Nineteen of us at dinner, that was no mean feat!

Noam got a bit obsessed with putting a certain box on everyone's head, so here we are, posing with the box:

Interesting links:
Thanks to _w_o_o_d_ for flagging this great looking new comic by Kris Dresen, She Said.

And I liked this article pointed out by Woodrow Phoenix about Lady Gaga: There’s a limit to how subversive a blonde skinny white pop star can be.
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