Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

lots of verns!

I got such a kick out of seeing loads of different ways people drew Vern the sheep. (You can see how to draw Vern and Lettuce here.) Some of the drawings remind me of those antique paintings of bulls or draft horses, when the artist tries to make them look as bulky as possible. Makes me want to go do a painting of Vern like that.

And here are some comments and character designs from James Allen's Prep School:

I've just started drafting a comic about the last time whole classes wrote letters about my work, when I was trying my hand as a journalist. The headmaster of the school hated my newspaper article SO much that he made everyone in the whole school write letters of complaint to my editor. The paper didn't usually get all that many letters, so the editor called me in, looking in disbelief at over a hundred letters piled up on his desk. (I heard later that loads of the kids loved my article, mainly because it pissed off their headmaster so badly, but they would have failed the assignment if they'd written that.)

So I'm hoping people didn't just say nice things because it was a class assignment, but I was still really chuffed to read what they'd written. (And a nice change to read something where people weren't trying to get me sacked!)

Wow, their fountain pen handwriting puts my school's writing to shame.
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