Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

another day of princessing

Today's costume at the fab Discover centre in Stratford was more pink princess than space princess, but the princess prize goes to cartoonist Faz Choudhury for giving the best tip for getting big black scuff marks off white PVC boots. (Cif cleaning cream, it was. I tried every other chemical in the bathroom, kitchen and drinks cabinet but Cif worked best.)

Here's Rebecca the excellent Stage Manager and the rest of the Discovery team that made things go so well today. I was worried the book might only appeal to girls because of the whole princess thing, but the boys were totally into ALIENS, and SPACE, all was good. I didn't realise that my hair was all over the place from our rather rambunctuous session. We did a lot of shouting and talking about bogeys and stuff. (I never thought this book would slide into Morris territory when I took on the script, but there you go.)

Yesterday my favourite animator, Marc Craste, had the session just after me, and today, just as I walked in the front door, the amazing David Roberts was coming out from his session! I should just hang out at the Discover centre all the time to catch glimpses of Britain's best talent.

Linky links! -----------
The Etherington Brothers have posted Lorenzo's great fan art for Dave Shelton's comic book Good Dog, Bad Dog. (Lettuce the rabbit still has a crush on those boys.)

You can listen online for about five more days to a BBC Scotland interview with manga artist Asia Alfasi and Darryl Cunningham (tallguywrites), whose book Psychiatric Tales launches in a few weeks with Blank Slate and in the USA with Bloomsbury.

My friend Alice Brewer pointed me to some fab photos by Malick Sidibé that I didn't see in this weekend's Guardian because the shop had run out. (Great stripey backgrounds and one woman has round glasses that look like something I'd draw.)

And Jamie Smart has written a remarkable tribute to his dad and created an amazing comic about their relationship. Totally unmissable.
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