Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

comica social club

A warm happy birthday to Peter Stanbury, good friend and graphic designer, who's just launched a brand new website for his design work, complete with Comica Social Club badges.

Peter's organising a big monthly London meet-up of comics people, on the last Thursday of every month. This Thursday (29 April), everyone's gathering at the Royal Festival Hall Bar from 6pm-9pm. On the Facebook group page, he's written:

When you first arrive look for the man in the bright green fez. He will give you a badge. All other members will wear a badge too, so you will know who they are associated with Comica. The Grand Master will introduce you to someone he thinks may have similar taste or i...nterests. Once you know others a little it will be easy.

This is just what the comics scene needs in London, thanks for setting this up, Peter!
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