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railway patterns

From a distance, I loved the new paint job on the Deptford Rail Carriage cafe, but then I got a bit ovewhelmed by all the naff designer logos. I never understand the whole visible brand name thing, I figure they should give me money if I walk around advertising their stuff.

I looked it up on The Deptford Project website:
Incognito artist Insa will explore the subject with an inverse heart design, questioning the difference between ‘real’ love and ‘fake’ love. Upside down hearts imprinted with luxury brand logos will represent the fleetingly fake materialistic world of love by logo, whilst the welcoming interior of the bistro train carriage defines heartfelt love, continuing to act as the beating heart of SE8’s close knit community, a year round creative headquarters for artists, artisans, aunties, & oldies alike.
The rail carriage cafe's run by the daughter Jaine who runs our studio cafe (The Metropolitan Tea Rooms), so I'm sure she's learned a thing or two from her mum about cosy creative spaces.

And here's what Stuart has been obsessing over for the last two years, the grand re-opening of the newly extended East London Line! Last Monday we road all the way back home from Dalston and Stuart almost bounced up and down with the excitement of it. I love the new colour scheme; if I'd seen it ten years ago, I would've hated it. Funny, how the whole 'retro' thing grabs hold of us. And I was interested how they got rid of all the dividers between carriages, it's all one long corridor now. Safer, probably.

A couple of doo-dads on the wall by the Rail Carriage:

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! (Unless you're voting for the BNP or the other parties I don't want to win, then please stay home.)
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