Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

our studio's in a film!

We had a Dutch filmmaker named Anouk de L'Ecluse in our studio awhile ago, and she came out with am amazing piece of work! What you can't see is me at my desk, almost wetting myself trying not to laugh as Gary 'comes out' about his knitting. (You only hear a couple hysterical shrieks from me right at the end, when Gary's supposed to be pontificating about the importance of wool, but just can't quite pull it off.)

Gary stars in it, along with a bunch of other people in the knitting group of our other studio mate, Lauren O'Farrell (who's head of Stitch London, former Stitch and Bitch London). The little knitted dinosaur is Gary's first-ever yarn thing, and he's named Lumpy. He's not bad, really!

(YouTube link)
If you like it and you have a YouTube account, could you please to to YouTube and click the 'Like' button, to help it win the Manhattan Film Festival? Thank you! (More information about our studio, the Fleece Station here.)
Tags: deadlyknitshade, northfield, o'farrell

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