Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

more toy boats

I couldn't resist after yesterday's visit to the Toy Boats exhibition; I combined getting some morning exercise with cycling back to the National Maritime Museum to do another morning sketch. More lovely boats!

Cut me a bit of slack on this one, I drew it while being watched by a group of about 30 French school children. I heard one of them say 'bande dessinée', and suddenly there they were. I think their teacher got a bit cross with them because they didn't look at the exhibition, just stood there watching me draw, and telling off each other for jostling me.

And this is one of my favourite landscapes in London, but it's too wide to photograph well. Sometimes the light hits the creek and the boats and the buildings and it's absolute magic. And I like the rusty old workings of the cargo boats.

Lots of new buildings going up around here, it's fun to watch.

Just in case you missed it, Darryl Cunningham (tallguywrites) is on a roll with his excellent comic about the MMR vaccination scare. You can read it here, along with a huge amount of Live Journal reader feedback. Hot controversy! And there's some more feedback over on Blogger.
You can read a review of his latest amazing book Psychiatric Tales over on the FPI blog, as well as his interview with comics reporter Matt Badham.

And the Queen Mum is back! Another FPI review of a mini comic by David O'Connell (tozocomic).
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