Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

kids week toy theatre design

Here's the monster-big Photoshop file I was working on last night, Kids Week plan to print this out large and make a theatre. Then kids will have little actors they can design and stick into the set.

I absolutely adored drawing Egyptian stuff when I was a kid, so this was a fun job. I based it a little bit on memories of the Egyptian Theatre in Seattle, a cinema I used to visit all the time when I was in high school. I loved that place.

Here are the rough drafts: a quick computer version to get the dimensions right, a pencil drawing and inked line art:

Lots of news on the radio about Andrew Wakefield being struck off the medical register for his part in the MMR vaccination scandal. If you haven't seen Darryl Cunningham's comic about it, head over and have a look: The Facts in The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. (And don't forget to order his book, Psychiatric Tales.)

Also, take a look at the Felt Mistress's amazing antlered doll over on Drawn blog.

And don't forget to vote for The Eagle Awards. Much obliged if you'd vote for The DFC in the Favourite British Colour Comicbook category!
Tags: theatre

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