Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

london mcm expo starts tomorrow!

...and may The Force be with the Fleece Station. Just to get in the mood for MCM Expo this weekend, Lauren came up with this splendid film, starring all of our studio mates: Gary, Ellen, Lauren and me. Come look for The Fleece Station in the Comics Village at London's ExCel Centre! And The DFC Library will have a big booth with loads of stuff happening both days, with me, Gary, the Etherington Brothers, Dave Shelton, Neill Cameron, Emma Vieceli, Adam Brockbank, and John Aggs, possibly more. (Find out about us all over on the Super Comics Adventure Squad website!) Get the creators to draw in your copies of Spider Moon, Mezolith, and Good Dog, Bad Dog and watch the artists draw, collect badges, and a whole bunch of other great stuff. And I'm in a Draw-off competition, we'll see what happens there. ... So, are you going? :D

I'm going to be selling copies of the Birdsong/Songbird anthology, Dear Diary mini comics, You Can't Eat a Princess! and Morris the Mankiest Monster. Plus, last time Gary and I started making nutty little watercolour paintings on the spot and charging a fiver (festival extreme special price), so if we're feeling feisty, we might do that again.

Click the pic to see our oh-so-fab film

And here are some lovely faces from the Comica Social Club, organised by graphic designer Peter Stanbury which meets in London on the last Thursday of every month. The idea is that at least one person will always be wearing The Green Fez, so if people don't know anyone, they can find the person in the fez, who can then introduce them to other people. Here's the Facebook page with details.

One other cool thing, my friend Dan Brewer sent me a link to these fabulous Russian Hobbit illustrations. (Thanks, Dan!)

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