Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

mcm expo: first day!

Had a great time at London MCM Expo today, but totally knackered now, so here are just a few quick photos. More to come soon!

My lovely studio mates, The Fleece Station:

Neill Cameron at the DFC Library stand, drawing a Mo-bot:

Good Dog, Bad Dog's Dave Shelton, the Mad Hatter, John Aggs and Patrice Aggs.

A lot of people got into the passport game, where they stopped by stands to collect stickers. (See if you can spot our sticker.)

Publisher David Fickling, excited but possibly slightly freaked out by all the costume madness, and Robin Etherington

Super baby!

And it's back again tomorrow! Hope to see you there.
Tags: mcm expo

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