Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

lots of bookmarks

If you're in Britain, tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 6:50pm to BBC's CBeebies Bedtime Stories to hear their reading of You Can't Eat a Princess. Exciting! (Their rendition of Morris is still online here.)

Here's a little drawing I did last night of my friend Sam Glazier, visiting from Thailand. He'd sent me a photo to draw him ages ago, but he doesn't look anything like those photos now, so it was nice to draw him from life.

Thanks so much to Scotland's Evening Times, who put Morris the Mankiest Monster at the top of their list for summer reads. Yay!

Creators of the amazing upcoming DFC Library book Monkey Nuts: the Diamond Egg of Wonders are running a brand new online comic, a rollicking parody of a certain Tolkien classic, called The Lord of the Things. I think they possibly are the hardest workers in Britain, those two, I don't know when they sleep. Then again, I've seen Lorenzo draw, he draws very, very fast.

Look out for a review of Darryl Cunningham's graphic novel, Psychiatric Tales in Sunday's Observer newspaper. You can see a lot of his ongoing fab comic projects here.

I spotted John Anderson at the SCBWI talk I gave last week with David Ficklings, and he's spilled the beans about upcoming DFC plans over at Down the Tubes comics blog.

And I'm bookmarking the Forbidden Planet International's list of recommended French comics in celebration of Bastille Day. Lots to add to my reading list!

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