Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

'you can't eat a princess!' on cbeebies!!!

Hurrah! It's up on the BBC iPlayer! Thanks to the fab Gina McKee for reading You Can't Eat a Princess for CBeebies! She did a brilliant job. I've read it so many times now in schools that it was fascinating to see where she put the emphasis on words and her expressions. ... And the aliens have Northern accents! The story's writer, Gillian Rogerson is based up in Leeds, I bet she got a kick out of that. I must go ring her now an see what she thought. I suspect that I have the wrong copy of her number here at the studio, I rang 20 minutes ago and got through to a snooker club. Bizarre! (Unless Gillian secretly lives in a snooker club.)

CBeebies link (Apologies to non-UK residents, I don't think you can watch it abroad. Sorry!)

Now you're in party mode, you can download the princess party pack over on my website. Go on! :D (Here's photos from a party pack in action.)
Tags: p_spag

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