Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

portraits: paul gravett & peter stanbury

A whole load of upcoming events! Edinburgh, Essex, Battersea Park, Bath, Wigtown, Cheltenham, lots more on my events page, have a look to see if you're around for any of them!

My studio mate Ellen Lindner asked me to whip up two more portraits of a pair of very cool cats for the party scene on the front cover of Issue 5 of this fab zine. 56 backers already! You may recognise several portraits on the cover so far. (I'm the stupified-looking one in pink staring at the wall, hehe.)

click on the pic for more details

And here's the pencil sketch, the inked version and the background colour.

Edit: Are you coming to the show Paul Gravett curated at Battersea Park, HyperComics? (See my review of the launch party here.) There's a fab indie comics fair called Comica Comiket rocking the park at the Pumphouse this Sunday, noon til 6pm. Darryl Cunningham and I are going to trundle along there as soon as it opens.

Edit 2: And a link to Mark Ronson's Bang Bang Bang, just because it's been played in our studio probably three times today.
Tags: gravett, lindner, portrait, stanbury

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