Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

bubble tea and drawing

Today's morning sketch was actually a lunchtime sketch, at Panda Panda cafe with Nicki Jones (a librarian at James Allen's Prep School, where I ran some comics workshops last winter) and her daughters Molly and Maisie. They came to the studio, then we went to Panda Panda and they showed me their sketchbook work, then we made a drawing together of us all drinking bubble tea. (The nice owner, Van, threw in a couple of boxes of pocky sticks for free, yay!)

Molly's acting two or three times a week in the West End production of The Railway Children (she gets to say one line and wear several costumes), so I'm hoping to go see it, and hoping even more that she'll make a comic about what it's like being in a West End show. (Here's the great comic she sent me earlier.)

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