Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

little vern and lettuce!

Look what Anna Mondo just made! So fabulous! Anna says Vern was a bit distraught after she pulled a big needle out of his bum. So if he is not sitting down today, that is why. Oh, and be sure to visit Anna's site for her new interview with The Rainbow Orchid comics creator Garen Ewing! (And Garen is just one in the star-studded line-up appearing at this Saturday's Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival!)

Hoping to see lots more little sheep this evening! Big, shiny medals for Handsomest sheep, Lumpiest sheep, Most deranged sheep, Most radiant sheep, Best coiffure, Most stylish sheep, Most likely to become a pop star sheep, and Most misunderstood sheep.

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