Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

crystal palace children's book festival

Just a peek, since I have way too many photos and video clips to go through tonight, but here's my best photo from today's amazing Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival. This is Garen Ewing (creator of The Rainbow Orchid) reading the festival's own Monster Book. Doesn't Garen look great with antlers?

I think the highlight of the festival for me this year was the event by writer Guy Bass at a marvelous indie bookshop called Bookseller Crow. He recently went on tour with illustrator David Roberts, which made me WELL envious!) Guy's an amazing performer and had me in stitches. I'll save most of it for later, but here's a reading he did to close the event, a poem called The Tale of Rodney Head-falls-off.

YouTube link
Tags: bass, crystal_palace, festivals, poetry

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