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Long but excellent day at MCM Expo! Just Sunday to go now.

Hightlight: Vern waged combat on stage against one of Neill Cameron's Mo-Bots and came off rather well.

Lowlight: Having a fan girl moment in front of Warwick Johnson Cadwell, only to asphyxiate on a leftover sandwich breadcrumb and expire dramatically. (Why do these things always happen to me?)

Pud modeling with Vern (kitted for battle by the crowd); a bedecked Mo-Bot and Neill

Lorenzo and Robin Etherington (creators of Monkey Nuts)

Read the Etherington Brothers' blog post about the weekend here!

Neill Cameron drawing in Mo-Bot High

Made-on-the-spot collage work by Philippa Rice

Adam Cadwell

Nikki Stuart and Will Kirkby

Writer Alex Keller

Ellie Campbell-Barr and Garen Ewing


Oct. 31st, 2010 11:47 am (UTC)
Saturday crowds
We came to excel yesterday hoping to get to see all the DFC people but arrived to be told that the queue for tickets was 2 hours long! Instead of spending two hours queuing we spent that time wandering the corridors of Excel (a place we're pretty familiar with as it's in our borough and they have a week of summer school there for kids each year - including mural art) and picknicking on the grass. I have to say that it was fantastic and strangely moving. My kids were playing spot the costume (they are huge Pokemon and Studio Ghibli fans) and as someone who sews I couldn't get over the craftsmanship. And to see those young people, at least some of whom are probably the subject of bullying and isolation in everyday life glorying in their appearance and being celebrated by others was just magic. Next time round we'll pre-book and my middle child (age 11) is already starting to think of a costume.

Will now have to put in a big order for all the DFC books we were intending to buy.

Best wishes, Joan
Nov. 1st, 2010 09:05 am (UTC)
Re: Saturday crowds
Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment, Joan! I just reposted at the end of my next entry, because it summed up so much of the visitor experience of the fair.

Yes, I was impressed by the costume craftsmanship, too! And it's true, it's wonderful to see the kids being free to strut their stuff and have fun with going completely over the top. That's great your child's planning to come in costume next year.


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