Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

vern and lettuce go the alps!

I couldn't resist posting this sneak peek at some of the material coming in for The Pickle online magazine! This one's from Geneva, by 12-year-old Rosa Timime. It's so exciting seeing Vern and Lettuce going off on adventures by themselves! It's like they've grown up and are doing their own thing, I'm awfully proud of them.

Click here for an enlarged version of the top half and here for the bottom half.

You, too, can contribute to The Pickle! Rosa's mum sent an e-mail with the submission, which made me incredibly happy. (Rosa and her mum have both given me permission to post it.)

Dear Sarah

Thank you so much for drawing the adventures of Vern and Lettuce. My children were avid readers of the much lam(b)ented DFC comic and loved reading about their exploits in Pickle Rye.

My daughter was 12 in October and she'd been given her big birthday present before her birthday, but, so that she had something to open on her birthday, I printed out your guide to drawing Vern and Lettuce and a few other comic related items, put them in a folder and wrapped that up for her. Since then she has become a bit sheep mad. She's been needle felting sheep and drawing Vern and Lettuce. She's even stopped asking about getting a pair of Uggs for Christmas since I told her that 2 sheep have to die for each pair of Uggs (no idea if this is true).

She has drawn a comic strip that she would like to submit for inclusion in "the Pickle". Her name is Rosa Timimi and her home town is Geneva - hence the subject of the strip!

I've been lurking in the internet reading your blog ever since I found it when I was trying to find out what had happened to contributors of the DFC. I really enjoy reading about the Fleece Station and your travels around the country. If ever you make it to the Geneva book show do let us know and we'll be first in the queue.

All the best from the snowy slopes of the Jura mountains (OK, from the flat and foggy bit in between the Jura and the Lake Geneva - but when the cloud lifts we can see the newly snowy mountains)

Tags: pickle, vern_and_lettuce

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