Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

sketch of stuart

This sketch was funny to make because Stuart was reading a novel I'd already finished, and I could tell when he hit the really steamy bits because his eyebrows would shoot up and he'd start laughing. This here is his 'concentrating' face.

A big thanks to Mélanie at Library Mice for reviewing When Titus Took the Train. Read it here!

Look, Alex Milway drew me a hamster! This is a celebratory hamster, for the Sheffield book award. Thanks, Alex! He says he will draw me eight hamsters if we win the Greenaway.

I popped into town today to run a few errands and had fun seeing some of the new Christmas displays. Here's Carnaby Street with its Space Santa:

Fortnum & Mason has a display with famous paintings made 3-D, but half the fun was watching everyone else stopping to look at them.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Stuart and I had pancakes for dinner.

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