Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

comical animal - the first issue goes live!

Hurrah! The brilliant comics artist Jim Medway has pulled together some of the best of British Comics to bring you COMICAL ANIMAL, your very own online comics magazine!

Read the rest of my strip over at Comical Animal

Contributors include several DFC buddies, including Gary Northfield, Woodrow Phoenix, Simone Lia, Jim and me, a bunch of fab artists I know (including Angus Dunn, whom I met in Wigtown), and a bunch that I'm excited to discover. Put on the kettle and settle down with this fun-packed issue. Bravo, Jim! And all of us!

Thank you, Matt Badham, for your review in Comical Animal of Vern and Lettuce!
Tags: medway

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