Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

just a few titus copies left - last chance!

Quick update on my picture book with Anne Cottringer, When Titus Took the Train: Anne and I just found out that the warehouse is completely sold out of the first hardback print run! So anything that's left in shops or online is all that's left, and there won't be any more printed before Christmas. Ack! We saw that there are still a few copies left on Amazon here if you're quick. The second print run (with the paperback) won't come out til February.

You can still print out the free Titus board game here. (I had so much fun designing that!) It might be fun to tuck in the board game with the book if you're giving it to someone for Christmas. Or just play the board game by itself, Stuart and I got quite competitive over it. (He beat me, two games out of three.)
Tags: titus

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