Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

a few snow pics

So here was the evil snowman staring through our kitchen window last night. Yikes!

A pitched battle raged around this guy, involving some little kids desperately trying to defend it and some big kids who were wandering around the neighbourhood decapitating any snow creature they could find. I snapped this picture just before they moved in for the kill. It's like the French Revolution around here.

I was glad to see someone in the Sainsbury's car park had snowmobile appropriate to the conditions. You wouldn't believe how fast the snow was falling, about six inches in a couple hours. (That's a lot, for London.) You see snow in cheesy romance films about London, or Dr Who, or period dramas, but you always know it's fake snow. This time, it's REAL!

The abominable snowgirl:

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