Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy new year, everyone!

Last night we celebrated New Year's Eve in Nunhead with friends who used to run the art gallery with us, Dan Fone and Caroline and Eddie Smith. (You might remember the recent video I made about Ed and his Nunhead Cemetery tree drawings.) Caroline made an amazing meal and after midnight, we got talking about Ed's tree drawings again. Ed was saying that he hardly glances at the paper while he draws, he just looks at the tree and concentrates more on the gestural strokes than how it looks on the page. So we pulled out my sketchbook and made drawings of each other without looking at the paper.

We had some good laughs seeing how they turned out, the wackier the better. Here's my drawing of Caroline, without looking. I like how it came out kind of Cubist.

One I did of Stuart and Dan (still trying to work out what was going on over Dan's right ear):

Eddie came out looking like Mr Twit here:

And another of Dan:

Everyone got into it; here's Stuart's drawing of Ed:

My drawing of Ed and Stuart makes them look like mafia:

Ed's drawing of me:

My drawing of Caroline:

Ed's drawing of Stuart (with Dan's pen):

Caroline's drawings of Stuart and Dan:

Ed's drawing of Caroline:

My drawing of Stuart:

Dan's 'emancipated' drawing of me:

Dan peeked while he was drawing Eddie:

Tags: dan_fone, eddie_smith

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