Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

portrait doodles

Some sketches from the weekend. It's usually more fun to draw people's faces than the backs of their heads, but at least when I'm drawing them from behind, they can't spot me staring at them.

There's some good discussion going on over on the Forbidden Planet International blog about choosing child-friendly comics for libraries. Richard Bruton's been stocking his school library, recommends some books and asks for more recommendations. Have a look in the comments to see what people are suggesting and perhaps add your own suggestions!

Don't forget, tonight, just off Brick Lane, is Laydeez Do Comics! Darryl Cunningham (author of Psychiatric Tales) is coming all the way down from Yorkshire just to be in the audience, so I promised I'd be there. It'll be great, I love hearing from Myriad Editions' Corinne Pearlman, Ed Hillyer (Ilya) always does a good talk, and there are a couple new people booked that I have yet to hear speak, including Erica Smith and Dr Julia Round.

And I'll leave you with a little video of DFC colleague Jamie Smart showing us how he draws Desperate Dan for The Dandy:

Jamie Smart How-to-draw-Desperate-Dan YouTube link
If you're looking for more step-by-step how-to-draw videos, children's book creator Shoo Raynor has a huge stockpile of them over on Shoo-Tube.
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