Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

the fleece station is under attack!

Today there was so much commotion coming from downstairs at the studio that I had to pull out my camera and go on a little reconnaissance mission. For the past two days, people in commando suits with plastic guns or funny ties have been trying to break down our door, in 30-minute shifts, organised by Fire Hazard.

I just found the Fire Hazard website, here's the briefing:

Armed with a map, a radio, a dozen accomplices and a box of tools, you will plan and execute a burglary.
You'll need to find an entrance, avoid the guards, slip past the motion sensors and pick the locks.
Or, if that's your plan, you can shoot the guards, sabotage the sensors and smash the locks.
Either way, win or lose, this will be an adventure to remember.
(We're now on our fourth sellout run!)

(More details here if you fancy taking part in a staged burglary and making a room full of illustrators very jumpy. And have the occasional good laugh.)

Just to add to the excitement, the Optical Radio container crate was having a storming recording session. A friend commented, I think they might have anger issues.

YouTube link
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