Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy birthday, king cupcake!

And it's a big one! You wouldn't know, to look at Stuart, all that cycling keeps him nice and trim. (Not like King Cupcake, who lives up to his name.)

Here's a lovely card he opened this morning from our friends Mags and Manoëlle in Brussels, by Italian artist Vittorio Giardino. It would be funny if the ubiquitous yellow cycling jacket you see in London looked like this one instead.

The card's published by a Belgian company called Champaka, and you can see lots of other lovely images by creators of bande dessinée on their website. Stuart and I visited the Atomium (the strange building pictured on the card) last year, you can see my photos and general enthusing here. And in 2009, Woodrow Phoenix and Rian Hughes got to exhibit there with Serge Clerc and others, and you can read Woodrow's post about it here. You can see a few more tribute drawings to the Atomium here.

Writer Candy Gourlay just posted a link to Irina Werning's website, Back to the Future with the comment, Extraordinary photo project to recreate childhood photos. sometimes sweet, sometimes creepy. ...Yikes!

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