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guggenheim & manhattan rambles

I'm going to blog about MoCCA and Stumptown festivals soon, but I want to dig up the names of people I met and add web links; right now jet-lag feels like there's a little man running around inside my head, kicking the walls of it as hard as he can. So I'll keep it simple and just post some photos I took from my first day in New York City. For some reason, I'd never been to the Guggenheim Museum, and I was very curious about the building and their collection of Kandinsky paintings, so that's the first place I went.

Here's a page from my notebook. Art galleries always give me lots of story ideas and painting tips, but I have to jot them down or I forget them.

If I'd had more time, I would've sketched these tiers of the gallery. I love how the people become calligraphic marks, abstracted because you can only see parts of their dark figures.

I'd spent the whole day before cooped up on airplanes, so I took a long walk from the Guggenheim on 89th, on Manhattan's Upper East Side, 73 blocks down Fifth Avenue to 16th, where I met up with my friends Brynn and Chris for a tour of Google (earlier blog post about that here). Here are a few more pictures of those water towers on the skyline that I liked so much.

You could play a fun 'spot the water tower' game in New York. Split a group into teams, give each team a camera, set a time limit, then see how many water towers they could snap in that time (kind of like my Spot-the-Wharf game). Okay, yeah, that's a kind of nerdy idea. But, hey.

I like these pipes you see dotted around; this one looks like a Chinese dragon.

Some of the signs seem a bit strange. I mean, what's a 'Hollow Sidewalk'? Does it have a tunnel underneath? And that 'Siamese Standpipe' with two heads, is that a slightly un-PC reference to conjoined twins?

This lovely building's starting to crumble; the sign above it door reads The New York House and Society of Industry, 1878. I found a short NY Times article about it that says it's a place 'where the poor learned 'plain and fine sewing'.

I just liked the colours and lettering on these signs.

I popped into Pearl Paint and bought some pens and a tin of coloured pencils.


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