Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy american mother's day!

Here's a little card I made. (Note the Princess Beatrice hat.)

When I was back in Seattle, I found these fab pictures of my mother when she was just starting out as a teacher. Can you spot her in this staff photo?

Here she is, zoomed in. Aren't those the best outfits and colours? I think I remember my mother telling me she had to sleep with her hair wrapped around empty orange juice cans to get those curls. We both have hair straight as rods. She must've cut it off soon after that, it's always been short since I can remember.

And here's her class. Wow, I'm so loving those colours.

And another zoom in:

Here's a picture my mother gave me that she drew of herself when she was little.

And another photo from 1972 with my dad, by the McKenzie River in Oregon State.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Hope it's a good one. x

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